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Become a Beach Soccer Jam
Exhibitor / Vendor Information

If you are an Organization, Vendor or Exhibitor and your target market is younger to mid-age adult families with kids, then you need to be part of Beach Soccer Jam.

Beach Soccer Jam is an annual event that takes place on Fiesta Island in San Diego's Mission Bay across from Sea World.

The best news for our Vendor and Exhibitor Partners is that Beach Soccer Jam:

  1. Minimum Expected Daily Attendance is 7,500 - 8,000
  2. Is held on a SINGLE VENUE (unlike many other sports tournament events)
  3. Has an Exhibitor / Vendor layout that INCREASES YOUR EXPOSURE making it EASY for attendees to visit you
  4. Has many ways in which you can interact with our attendees (see options below)

We will be working to select and lock in vendors and exhibitors months before the event date. We are interested in establishing long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial business relationships.

If you are interested in being part of Beach Soccer Jam or have any questions or special requests, please contact us at Exhibitor and vendor applicants must be deemed by event directors to be appropriate for the event and be deemed non-political. Acceptance of exhibitors and vendors is at the sole discretion of the directors.

Vendor / Exhibitor Promotion Options
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Download the Beach Soccer Jam Exhibitor / Vendor Application Program Package below.

Exhibitor / Vendor Application

The Beach Soccer Jam Vendor / Application Package below consists of multiple documents. Please download and review each of them carefully. They must be signed and submitted along with your deposit (after acceptance) in order to be considered complete.  In addition, if you are a food vendor please complete and attach the Temporary Food Facility Checklist with your application.

Application Package:

Additional Documents for Food Vendors:

Electrical Power:

Exhibitors and vendors requiring electricity must provide their own generator (maximum 10kW) along with any required electrical cords (must be grounded and UL Listed). Electrical cords must be buried 6" under the sand to keep attendees from tripping if routed through public pathways (it is very simple to bury the cord in the sand).

Special Exhibitor Ambassador Offer:

If you are an exhibitor or vendor and know any other potential exhibitors or non-food vendors (snack vendors are ok) that are interested in being part of Beach Soccer Jam, let us know. If we feel the exhibitor or vendor you recommend is compatible with our event and is accepted to participate in the event you may earn a commission. Please email with any questions. This offer is subject to update or may expire without notice.

Pay Your Application Deposit Online Here:
(Pay your application deposit online only after being advised to do so by the Event Director via email)




Exhibitor News Sign-Up

Are you interested in being an exhibitor or vendor at Beach Soccer Jam or other sports related events where you can promote your business and offer your products and services?

Click here to sign-up and stay informed...

Beach Soccer Jam - Village Live Show Audience

Large Audiences in the Village Area
(Same Area as Exhibitors and Vendors)
Enjoying Live Entertainment

Vendor at Beach Soccer Jam

Beverage Vendor Booths at Beach Soccer Jam
Getting Ready for Event Opening

Exhibitor / Vendor Options

Non-Profit: $250

  • 10 foot x 10 foot Exhibitor Space (100 sq ft)
  • Add-on promotional options available

Craft Type Vendor: $250

  • 10 foot x 10 foot Exhibitor Space (100 sq ft)
  • Add-on promotional options available

Exhibitor: $300

  • 10 foot x 10 foot Exhibitor Space (100 sq ft)
  • Add-on promotional options available

Merchandise / Live Services Vendor: 15% of Gross Sales ($350 Minimum Vendor Base Fee)

  • 10 foot x 10 foot Vending Space (100 sq ft)
  • Add-on promotional options available

Standard Food Vendor / Food Truck: 15% of Gross Sales ($425 Minimum Vendor Base Fee)

  • Quantity available is limited
  • 10 foot x 10 foot Food Vending Space (100 sq ft)
  • Additional room allotted for food trucks
  • Add-on promotional options available

Premium Food Vendor Exclusive: 15% of Gross Sales ($1,000 Minimum Vendor Base Fee)

  • Exclusive opportunity – only 1 available
  • Approx 70 foot x 25 foot Premium Space (1,750 sq ft) away from other Food Vendors
  • Adjacent to professional games stadium arena
  • Private fenced and covered seating area (food vendor provided) for customers to view games while dining
  • Add-on promotional options available

Additional Promotional Opportunities (can be used as Stand-Alone or as an Add-On):

  • Live Promoted Giveaways at Event - $100 ($250 when not an Add-On)
    • Promoted over the Public Address System and Social Media
  • Pre-Event Promotions - $100 ($250 when not an Add-on)
    • Promoted via e-News Messaging and Social Media
  • Promotional Piece in all Team Bags - $200 ($300 when not an Add-On)
    • All teams receive a Team Bag before the event
    • Promotional pieces can be a coupon, a promotional post card, a business card or something else that fits appropriately into the Team Bag
    • Promotional piece need to be bundled in packets 12 to 15 per team times the number of teams participating in the event (we'll let you know the number of teams approximately 3 weeks before the event approaches)
  • Event Challenge Sponsor - $250  (4+ Avaliable)
    • Sponsors get promoted as the sponsor of the Challenge Event (War of the Keepers, Rocket Launcher, Master Juggler or Soccer Mom Challenge) - For example, "Soccer Mom Challenge" - "Sponsored by 'Your Business Name'"
    • Sponsors must provide the prizes for the winners of the Challenge Event they are sponsoring
      • Youth Challenges are divided by gender and by age groups of 2 years each - For example, Master Juggler will have a Boys Division with 5 Age Sub-Divisions - The Girls Division will also have 5 Age Divisions - Each Age Sub-Division winner will receive a prize
      • The total number of prizes required is 10 for youth challenges (includes both Boys and Girls challengers)
    • Soccer Mom Challenges will require 1 prize for the Challenge Event being sponsored
  • Official Event Program Guide Advertisement/Coupon - $125 Distributed Electronically
    • Event Guide will be promoted via Team e-News Messaging, Social Media, Website and our App
    • Click here to see version of past guide
  • Visit our Sponsorship, Exhibitor and Advertising Program page for more Information (click here)

Have a special need, idea or request that can help you better promote your business? Let us know about it. We care about your experience at our event and want it to be successful.

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