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Event Rules


Beach Soccer Jam on Fiesta Island is a FUN and FRIENDLY event where EVERYONE can have a GREAT experience.

While we all hate rules, most if not all events have similar rules to help protect against unexpected issues. Our event is no different.

Coaches and Team Managers, as representatives of your team and your league, it is important that you read and understand the event rules listed below. These are not all inclusive as future events may dictate adjustments and additions.

By registering your team to Beach Soccer Jam, you and your entire team agree to our Event Rules.

  • Beach Soccer Jam, its sponsors, committees, members, employees or any other persons or groups associated with Beach Soccer Jam shall not be responsible for any expenses that are incurred by any team or league, including registration fees and lodging should the tournament is cancelled for any reason, including weather.
  • Beach Soccer is an all weather sport and games will be played regardless of weather with the possible exception of thunder and lightning.
  • In the event of weather related issues, the tournament director(s) may reschedule matches, change division structure, reduce match times or cancel a match.
  • Protests are NOT allowed.
  • Teams are not officially accepted until full payment is received. Pay promptly to reduce the chances of your division filling up and your team not being accepted.
  • Important Note: Teams accepted to compete in the pro or any other division with prizes must register their team online and also pay their registration fees online and in full prior to entering and participating in the tournment.
  • All team communications will be electronic, so please ensure you enter valid email addresses for your entire team.
  • Full refunds will be made to teams that are not accepted by Beach Soccer Jam into the tournament.
  • Teams withdrawing from Beach Soccer Jam 31 days or more prior to the event must request a refund (*minus a $125 administration fee) in writing to
  • Teams withdrawing from Beach Soccer Jam within 30 days of the event shall forfeit their entire registration fee.
  • In the event the tournament is cancelled prior to the event date, due to reasons outside of the tournaments contol, i.e, acts of God, government officials stopping operations, etc., at least $125 of the registration fee per team will be withheld from any possible refund.
  • Once the tournament begins, it shall be up to the sole discretion of the tournament director to determine what, if any of the registration fees will be refunded.
  • Sorry, but animals, including Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the Beach Soccer Jam venue. Please tell all your parents that our City Permit and Insurance DOES NOT ALLOW DOGS TO BE AT THE EVENT - THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY TO PROTECT OUR FUTURE PERMITTING. Dogs can be across the street at the Fiesta Island dog park but will not be allowed on the Beach Soccer Jam venue.
  • Beach Soccer Jam is a family friendly event. Any forms of violence are subject to immediate expulsion from the event - No questions asked.
  • Thank you for your understanding.
  • Final Rule - Have FUN at Beach Soccer Jam!


Thanks for being part
of Beach Soccer Jam


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