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Demographic Information


"While 63% of all soccer players are under the age of 18, the sport reaches well beyond this age group. For every youth soccer participant there is at least one adult who is actively involved as a parent, coach, referee, or administrator. These adults are influential, educated, and technologically savvy, as nearly 90% are married, 59% hold a college degree, and 96% have access to the Internet.

Active soccer families have also proven to be a valuable consumer base for marketers, as more than 60% earn an annual income that is above the national average. Nearly 40% of soccer households earn more than $75K annually. Of the 14.1 million soccer players in the U.S., 8.3 million are male and 5.8 million are female. There are 5.3 million frequent participants who play more than 40 days per year. These enthusiasts have led to the growth of club and travel teams, camps and clinics, and indoor soccer, which allows for year-round participation. The most competitive soccer participants can play 70 to 100 organized games each year. The best way to reach soccer participants is by developing a presence where the game is played; at practice, games, camps, and tournaments."
*Source: Active Marketing Group, 2007

More recently, as shown below, the Aspen Institute shows that 52% of Soccer Families earn an annual household income of $75,000 or more.


San Diego County Demographics Value*
Competitive League Youth Soccer Players 19,000 +
Recreational League Youth Soccer Players 19,000 +

Total Youth Soccer Players

38,000 +
Median, Household Income (2008-2012) $63,373
Total Population (2013 est.) 3,211,252
Persons Under 18 Years Old, 2013 725,242 (22.6%)
*Source: AYSO, Presidio Soccer League, U.S. Census Bureau  
Beach Soccer Jam Demographics Value*
Estimated Attendance in 2015
(Players, coaches, families, friends and general public)
7,000 - 8,500 each day
Number of Players 1,500
Number of Spectators 6,000
Number of Venues for Entire Event 1
Beach Soccer Jam Attendee Information est. 98%+ of all Attendees
are Soccer Related Families
Beach Soccer Jam Target Market Youth and Adult Soccer Players,
Teams and their Families
Estimated Income Levels of Beach Soccer Jam Families Please See Below
*Source: Beach Soccer Jam (we take pride in providing honest information and not over-exagerating our numbers.  
Soccer Family Community Demographics (2007) Value*
Percentage of Soccer Players under the age of 18 63%
Percentage of Soccer Families that are Married almost 90%
Percentage of Soccer Families with a College Degree 59%
Percentage of Soccer Families with Internet Access 96%
Percentage of Soccer Families Earning Annual Incomes above the National Average 60%
Percentage of Soccer Households Earning More Than $75K Annually 40%
Percentage of Soccer Players in the U.S. that are Male 59%
Percentage of Soccer Players in the U.S. that are Female 41%
Percentage of Soccer Players Playing Frequently More than 40 Days per Year 38%
*Source: Active Marketing Group, 2007  
Household Income of Soccer Families (2013) Value*
Under $25,000 13%
$25,001 - $49,999 19%
$50,000 - $74,999 16%
$75,000 - $99,999 17%
$100,000 and Up 35%
*Source: The Aspen Institute, 2013  
Soccer families have more to spend than Basketball, Baseball and Football families.  


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