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Beach Soccer Jam
Team Name & Team Uniform Contests


Congratulations to our
2017 Beach Soccer Jam WINNERS!

(click on images below to enlarge)

2017 Best Team Uniform Winner 2017 Best Team Name Winner
Villa Boys 2005
Coach Edwin Orozco & Manager Veronica LoeraAvina
Fallbrook Villa
Best Team Uniform Winner

Man Chest Hair United
Coach Dave Anderson
Hotspurs USA
Best Team Name Winner


click here to see Past Winners!

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Skills Challenge info... click here


Beach Soccer Jam LOVES to have FUN!!!

We've had so much fun with our 2 youth contests (sorry adult teams...) that we're doing it again (we just can't help ourselves...)!

Make sure your team participates in our:

  1. Best Team Name Contest, and
    1. Teams are automatically registered by virtue of their team name
  2. Best Team Uniform Contest (Facepainting counts... (especially when more than just the players paint their faces..., hint, hint...)
    1. C'mon coaches and team managers, let's get some paint on your faces... and while we're at it why not the parents...
    2. To enter the Best Team Uniform Contest get your team together and visit the Beach Soccer Jam Information Booth in the Village Area on Saturday by 2:00pm to have your official "Best Team Uniform" picture taken.

It generally takes us a few extra days to select a winner due to the great creativity shown by teams making their uniforms and creating great names. We'll normally always announce the winners no later than the Thursday following the event. Just so you know, it normally takes us a number of voting rounds to finally pick the winners.

The winning team in each contest will win a FREE 2 Hour Team party with San Diego's most exciting Live DJ, Danny Castillo of Thirty-Five Productions.  A few more details and information:

  • The winning teams must secure and supply a location to have the team party within San Diego or Orange Counties.  We supply the DJ, you supply whatever else you want to have for the party, i.e. people, decorations, food, drinks, etc...  It's gotta be a safe place too, because we want our DJ Danny back for next year... : )
  • The party date selected must be open and available on Thirty-Five Productions calendar. We suggest submitting 2 or 3 potential party dates to choose from.
  • We reserve the right to video parts or all of your party for future promotional use.
  • Should a team living outside of San Diego or Orange County win the contest, we will substitute a prize like a free team entry next year (hey, we're not driving all the way to Texas for the party...). To make it fair, when reviewing team names, we do not take into account the team's home city or the teams league.
  • Keep reading down below for a bit more info on the contests... AND TO SEE PAST WINNERS!

- - - - -

Hey, by the way, how about going to our BSJ Facebook AND Twitter Pages and letting the world know your team will be entering one of our contests...  Spread the word...

Facebook    Twitter 

Look how easy we even made it for you to tell your friends : )

Good Luck!


Best Team Name Contest


Ok, you've got to be creative for this one and the rules are simple. "WOW" us with your "Awesomest" and "Coolest" team name.  (Keep it clean, remember it's a family show...)

We will have 1 winner, so don't forget to come up with a great name...

We can't wait to hear it!


When registering your team, in the "Team Information" section of the application follow these steps:

  • Enter your team name in the "Club and Team Name" box (Don't enter your league name here)
  • Enter your club or league name in the "Club or League Name" box

Obviously, we reserve the right to reject team names that we feel are inappropriate for the event, so be nice...


Best Team Uniform Contest


Get colorful and creative so that you'll stand out to our judges. 

For this contest, we will consider the uniform to start at the top of your head (must be a legal uniform to play in, so no hats please) all the way down to your feet, so if your team gets facepainted and/or wears some really cool Beach Soccer Jam Socks, our judges will consider this and most likely give you a 2nd look... (They'll probably give you a 3rd and 4th look if your coach and team manager get facepainted too...)

Show us how "Great" your uniforms are, but don't forget to keep them friendly...



Congratulations to our 2016 Contest Winners!

2016 Best Team Name Winner

"Girls Just Wanna To Have Sun"

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
(click on image to enlarge)

Looks like these girls are having alot of fun!

2016 Best Team Uniform Winners
M&M's (Plain & Peanut)

(click on image to enlarge)

Lookin' mmmm good... No melting with these girls...



Congratulations to our 2015 Contest Winners!
2015 Best Team Name Winner


2015 Team Name Contest Winner - Surfinators

Who is that tall woman thing in the hula skirt 
and why does she need 3 hairy body guards?
(just ask'in...)

2015 Best Team Uniform Co-Winners
(It was too tough to pick one, so we picked 2)
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves Katy's Shark Attack
2015 Best Team Uniform Co-Winner - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 2015 Best Team Uniform Co-Winner - Katy's Shark Attack
Word on the street is that the woman in the yellow skirt is looking for a date to her upcoming prom. Let us know if you're interested... I wonder if they built any teeth into their uniforms.

click on images to enlarge...



Congratulations to our 2014 Contest Winners!

2014 Best Team Name Winner 2014 Best Team Uniform Winner
Surfin Minions Nerd Herd
Surfin Minions

Nerd Herd

What are Minions?  Are they mini-onions? Oh, I see the teacher is with the kids...
Surfin Minions Nerd Herd
Cute either way... Oh, maybe not...

click on images to enlarge...


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