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Soccer Moms Need Some Fun Too!

Soccer Moms Need Fun Too!


Yah, that's right... Soccer Moms need to have some FUN too!

That's why Beach Soccer Jam has created a special Soccer Mom Challenge for all you soccer moms.  The challenge will be held in our Village area by the GIANT Orange Scoreboard. The winning Soccer Mom gets something pretty special we know she'll really love... Ok, we'll tell you - it's a $200 gift to pamper herself at the Spa of her choice.

And don't worry, the challenge won't be anything too tough like having to play one-on-one against David Beckham (even though we know you'd really like to...).  It'll be simple and fun.  All you have to do is kick the ball into a bucket we've buried in the sand.  If more than one soccer mom sinks it, we'll have an immediate playoff to determine the winner, so if you sink it make sure you stick around to the end just in case.  Don't forget to bring your cheering squad with you.

Soccer Mom Challenge
2017 Schedule

Day and Time Location
Saturday 10:00 - 2:00 Village Area

Oh yah... a couple of items:

  • To participate in the Challenge you need to have a kid playing in Beach Soccer Jam or be a mom playing on an adult team.

Oh yah, don't forget to sign up and tell us how to get ahold of you so that we can notify you if you win.  You have to sign up to participate.


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