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Footvolley Games


Do You Footvolley?

We are looking to add a footvolley bracket to Beach Soccer Jam. If you play footvolley, are on a footvolley team and/or know others that play and want to grow the sport in Southern California, please email us at


Team Registration Cost.... TBA

Proposed Divisions: U14/U15, U16/U17 and Adults 18 and Over


Footvolley   Footvolley



Foot Volley

Footvolley Serve


Foot Volley

Footvolley Shot

Foot Volley

Footvolley Save


A two-a-side beach volleyball played with football (soccer) skills.

It has the summer sex appeal of beach volleyball combined with acrobatic soccer moves. It originated on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro and helped legendary Brazilian players like Romario and Ronaldinho hone their skills as youngsters.

Footvolley is played on a beach volleyball court where you use your feet, not your hands, and points are scored exactly the same as in volleyball. You can also use your head, chest, legs, and creativity.

At the our Beach Soccer Jam, you will get a chance to showcase your skill in this impressive new sport of Footvolley at Fiesta Island.

Please sign-up on line using the link above. Free of charge. Championship teams will win a prize from our sponsor and the bragging rights to be called the Kings of the Sand.

Basic Rules

Essentially footvolley is nearly identical to beach volleyball except with one fundamental difference: - no use of the hands or arms (instead the use of the feet, chest, head, and shoulders is used).

Touches on the ball In footvolley, each side has a maximum of 3 touches.

Playing Area

The footvolley court dimensions are 59 FT by 29 FT 6 Inches (18M x 9M). This is same size Beach Volleyball used in the past. There should be an area surrounding the playing surface, for players chasing balls, set at 20 feet from the ends of the court and 10 feet from the sides.

Height of the Net

  • Men's Court: The Footvolley net should be set at 7' or 2.15 meters
  • Women's Court: The Footvolley net should be set at 6' 6" or 2 meters

In Game Rules

  • Maximum of three hits per side
  • Player may not hit the ball twice in succession
  • Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on serve
  • A ball touching a boundary line is good; ball touching the antenna is OUT
  • A legal hit is contact with the ball by any part of the body, except the hand or arm, which does not allow the ball to visibly come to a rest
  • If two or more players contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered TWO TOUCHES

Basic Footvolley Violations

  • Stepping on or over the line on a serve
  • Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully
  • Touches of the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play
  • Reaching under the net (if it interferes with the ball or opposing player)
  • The use of the arm or hand is illegal. The outside and top of shoulder may be used IF THE arm is rested against the body when initiating the hit on the ball.

Footvolley Team Formation

Each squad is made up of 2 players. No substitutions (this includes player injury).


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